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Moving on from the Rainbow Training Programme - Rainbow Links - Your Thoughts Welcomed

Following on from the BEN Rainbow Training Programme, and the scoping exercise to identify how the programme’s advocates what further support they needed and how confident they were in taking on a wider advocacy role within their local communities BEN, (with support from Natural England) are currently investigating the development of a proposal leading to the:
  • Establishment of a sustainable local networking and partnership model that will promote the opportunities within the heritage and natural environment sector to under-represented communities, by providing or facilitating access to training, mentoring and advice to enable them to be taken up in ways that meet the needs of their groups.
  • Adding value to the knowledge, skills and experience gained by motivated individuals such as the CEA’s by providing a focus for their continued development and to enable them to come together with others who have become champions and advocates in other related programmes to ensure that the learning from these is integrated into the proposal.
  • Development of effective ways of supporting transfer of the knowledge and skills individuals such as the advocates/champions have developed to enable them to support under-represented communities to get involved.
  • Provide a framework for ongoing engagement locally, regionally and nationally, providing a gateway between the advocates/champions and environmental and heritage sector providers and policy makers, so enabling a two-way dialogue that informs both policy and action.
We are in the process of developing funding proposals and would welcome your thoughts on:
  • Your needs
  • What the network can provide
  • How a network should work
Please give us your views through our on-line questionnaire (will probably take you between 5 and 15 minutes, depending on your level of interest) by following the links
If you are answering on behalf of an organisation:

If you are answering for a community group or advocate:
Many thanks

James Friel (BEN) and Steve Evison (Resources for Change)

Resources for Change have been commissioned to work with BEN in researching this opportunity with the support of Natural England’s Outdoors for All Green Space and Engagement Team


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