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Green Spaces Project of the Month

June 2002 - The Small Heath Park Community Garden. Birmingham
Contact: Irene Iwegbu 0121 328 3400

The Small Heath Park Community Garden in Birmingham is part of the Concrete and Coriander project, and works with residents, especially Asian women, from inner city Birmingham to bring derelict and unused gardens back into productive or recreational use.

As you enter the front gates of the Park you will find the entrance to the garden on your right. The women who work the garden meet on Monday at 10am whatever the weather.

This is not a beautifully planted garden, but a well worked and loved piece of land. It is more of an allotment which the 25 members plant for their pleasure and their own consumption. The aim of the project is to enable members of the Bangladesh community to engage with the environment. If you look closer into the project you will discover the far reaching benefits not only to the women but also to the community. The project touches and changes the everyday lives of these women.

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