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Examples of visits to the countryside and associated activities

BEN aspires to work imaginatively, in partnership with others to open out access and participation. We use an integrated approach bringing together social, cultural, environmental and economic elements.

BEN will work with provider organisations to:

  • Familiarise urban groups and individuals through enjoyable activities in the rural setting
  • Support ethnic minorities to connect with organisations and communities in the rural setting
  • Enable knowledge and experience that lead to the motivation to care for the countryside
  • Highlight shared heritage
  • Link groups to recreational, learning, volunteering and employment opportunities
  • Link activities to life concerns - health, address isolation, build skills and knowledge, expertise and funding, hobbies, cultural exchange, quality of life

The main aim of the BEN Rainbow Countryside Scheme is to provide a range of taster visits and training programmes to help ethnic community groups access the natural environment and independently plan educational group outings to locations across England.
The taster visits will purposely introduce ethnic communities to the full range of countryside destinations and associated activities.
Over the years BEN has successfully run projects to introduce ethnic groups to environmental sites and activities. The difference this project will make is that BEN will have resources to work on a grand scale and make a critical difference across the whole of England.

Here we will illustrate what we would like to achieve through giving examples of work that has been done across the UK.

The range of natural environment sites include: nature reserves; woodlands; natural archaeological sites; natural historic sites; country parks; historic gardens; coastline, arboretums; open countryside; national parks; farms; city fringe countryside; and countryside attractions.

Click on the links below to see examples of the types of visits and activities which will be part of the Rainbow Countryside scheme;

Getting fit and experiencing the environment from an altogether different viewpoint - water
Introduction to new activities
Tai Chi and a vision of unity with nature
Relaxing, walking and picnicking in a National Park
Discovering birdwatching in a nature reserve and hearing about different environmental jobs
Bracelet making and basket weaving using natural materials
Sharing skills to make bird boxes together Nature Culture and Celebration event
Growing plants for vegetable beds, windowboxes and gardens with some that attract and support wildlife
Cultural traditions and visions come to life through storytelling
Coastline and marine life connect with people, history and ways of life
Asylum seekers/Refugees discover a National Park
Pose now, learn later - a cool introduction to surfing - the sea is part of the natural environment too
Forest School provides environmental adventure
Some historic estates have vast grounds that include woodlands and activities such as fishing and archery
Promoting knowledge about places to go to and things to do at community events


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