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BEN Publications and Resources

All BEN publications and resources are downloadable free. To order hard copies please send a cheque with details of publications wanted to: The Warehouse 54-57 Allison Street, Digbeth, Birmingham B5 5TH. Thank you.

Ethnic Environmental Participation. Volume 1 - Key articles and papers. Judy Ling Wong £4 + £1p&p
Ethnic Identity and Integration in Action. download here
People and Environment in Multi-cultural Britain. download here
The World in your Garden. download here
Involving Urban Communities in the Environment. download here
All Colours Green. download here
Multi-cultural Aspects of Developing Urban School grounds. download here
The Cycle of Participation. download here

Ethnic Environmental Participation. Volume 2 - Key articles and papers. Judy Ling Wong £4 + £1p&p
Ethnic Community Environmental Participation. download here
The Cultural and Social Values of Plants and Landscapes. download here
The Great Outdoors belongs to us too!. download here
Lessons from the Geese. download here
The Native and Alien issue. download here
Access to the Countryside - Report (excerpt). download here
Building Multi-Culturalism as a Framework for Ethnic Environmental Participation. download here

Ethnic Environmental Participation. Volume 3 - Key articles and papers. Judy Ling Wong £4 + £1p&p

Multi-cultural Interpretation and Access to Heritage download here
Visualising Heritage Participation by Ethnic Groups download here
Taking action within the Historic Environment Sector to link people and place download here
An Inner City Duck Story download here
Switching on the Missing Community Contribution to Biodiversity download here
Refugee and Asylum Seeker Environmental Conservation Programme download here
How to increase ethnic participation in National Parks and develop a model to change management structures of countryside authorities and agencies download here
A Place in the Country download here
The framework for representation of Socially Excluded Groups download here
Funding issues affecting Ethnic Communities download here

Ethnic Environmental Participation. Volume 4 - Key articles and papers. Judy Ling Wong £4 + £1p&p

Working with Black Environment Network for Ethnic Participation and Representation. Summary of a presentation by BEN to the National Assembly for Wales. download here
Who we are: A re-assessment of Cultural Identity and Social Inclusion download here
Moving towards Ethnic Inclusion download here
Nativism and Nature: rethinking Biological Invasion download here
Which Wildlife? What People? download here
Maximising Community Contribution to Biodiversity through Urban Green Spaces download here
Working imaginatively to engage Ethnic Minorities in the Historic Environment download here
The Landscape of the Global Village download here
Dreaming for real: Engaging Socially Excluded Communities in the Built and Natural Environment download here
Fair Shares for Black and Ethnic Communities? Summary of a workshop on the structure of grant schemes download here

Ethnic Environmental Participation. Volume 5 - Key articles and papers. Judy Ling Wong £4 + £1p&p

Engaging ethnic communities with horticultural therapy download here
Green and Pleasant Land for All download here
Increasing physical activity within ethnic minority communities download here
Working with the Media and Ethnic Minority Groups download here
The BEN Historic Environment Programme for England download here
People and Historic Places - Summary Report download here
Nature for People and People for Nature download here
The Scope of Strategic Development of Ethnic Environmental Participation in North Wales - Executive Summary of the Report download here
Environments for All - Excerpt from the Annual Review 2002-03 download here
Power to the People

download here

The Engagement of BME Communities in Community Planning in the Context of Environment (Cardiff, Newport & Swansea) - Research
To assess the degree to which black and minority ethnic (BME) communities have been involved in the community planning process in the context of environment, and to use this to inform future action by local authorities and the possible role of Black Environment Network (BEN) to promote meaningful consultation and engagement. download here

BEN Green Space Focus Group Reports

Ethnic Communities and Involvement in Green Spaces, Manchester, 16.12.02 download here
Ethnic Communities and Involvement in green Spaces, Birmingham, 15.1.03 download here
Focus Group, Ethnic Minority Groups and Green Spaces, Bangladeshi Women's Garden Group, Concrete and Coriander, 27.6.03 download here
Green Spaces Project Focus Group, Green Pepys Far, 12.9.04 download here
Green Spaces - Structural interview - Sandra Wong, Project Coordinator, Mothers and Toddlers Group, Al Hilal, Dec. 03 download here
Al Hilal - Green Space Focus Group 2 and Report download here
Report on Green Space Focus Group, Nottingham Sikh Ladies Group, 25.9.03 download here
Green Spaces Project Focus Group, BEM Network Conference Kuumba Imani Millennium Centre, Liverpool, 7.10.04 download here
Green Spaces Project Focus Group, Cottingley Springs Gypsy Site, 17.11.04. download here

Visualising Heritage Participation by Ethnic Groups

A paper by Judy Ling Wong exploring the encouragement of ethnic minorities to participate in heritage. download here

People and Historic Places - Summary Report

The first pilot project addressing access by ethnic minorities to opportunities at historic houses. download report

People and Historic Places - Full Report

A Report by the Black Environment Network (BEN) For the Historic Houses Association (HHA) April 2004 download report

Engaging Ethnic Communities in Natural and Built Heritage - £8+£2p&p

Guidance for the Environment & Heritage Sectors download here

Promoting Employment Opportunities to Ethnic Communities - £8+£2p&p

Guidance for the environmental and heritage sectors download here

Informal Learning Partnerships for Engaging with Ethnic Communities - £8+£2p&p

Guidance for the Environmental and Heritage sectors download here

Ethnic Communities and Green Spaces - £10+£2p&p

Guidance for Green Space Managers part 1 download here
Guidance for Green Space Managers part 2 download here

Visits to National Parks - £4+£1p&p
A guide for ethnic communities download here

Fun and Learning in the Environment - £4+£1p&p
What Environment and Heritage Organisations Offer download here

Working Together to Increase Employment - £4+£1p&p

Routes to jobs in the Environment and the Heritage Sectors download here

Love the Countryside Work for the Countryside - £4+£1p&p

A guide to job opportunities in the Environment and Heritage sectors download here

Roots Culturefest - £5 + £1 p&p

The story of involving ethnic minorities in a multicultural festival in an inner city park.

A3 Poster set - £6 + £1 p&p

Three colourful posters stimulating involvement, with many photos. They are themed "It is our environment", "Where we live" and Let's get out into the countryside and open spaces".

Good Practice Case Studies - Full set £15+£2p&p

The Natural Environment
3 - Introducing refugees and asylum seekers to the countryside access and outdoor activities for pleasure download here
6 - Engaging ethnic communities with green spaces through cultural events download here
14 - Introducing new audiences to countryside leisure and making visits relevant download here
25 - Introducing a National Trust site and taster activities for Chinese youngsters and parents download here
26 - Reaching out to isolated young ethnic mothers and introducing a range of environmental activities download here

The Historic Environment
1 - Recreational and educational opportunities in historic houses download here
9 - Exploring multi-cultural heritage in historic houses download here
13 - Identity, heritage and human rights: opportunities for recognition and expression in our environment download here
16 - Swansea's ethnic communities sharing cultural heritage: past, present and future download here

Health, well-being and the environment
2 - Peer led community action raises awareness of environmental solutions download here
4 - Exploring cultural influences on world cuisine download here
5 - Encouraging civic pride and recognising ethnic community achievement download here
15 - Enabling asylum seeker and refugee support organisations to join in outdoor adventure and environmental education download here

Education and increasing employment in the environment sector
7 - Diversity Training for staff in the heritage and environmental sectors download here
8 - Participation to raise awareness and build aspiration for employment download here
10 - Outdoor activities for pleasure, education and as a potential career download here
11 - Creating awareness of sustainable development using environmental art download here
12 - A Day in the Life of a Countryside Ranger download here
27 - Linking life concerns to developing skills download here
28 - Learning about a major environmental organisation from the inside download here
29 - Discovering what you can do to improve your environment download here

Reducing waste
7 - BEN Diversity Training Modules download here
8 - Ethnic Minority Youth Participation in the Built and Natural Environment download here
10 - Education and Employment Opportunities in the Outdoors download here
11 - One World Quilt Project download here
12 - Junior Countryside Ranger Project download here
27 - Using the environment to develop confidence and capacity within a disparate rural ethnic community download here
28 - Countryside Council for Wales Council Shadowing download here
29 - Every Action Counts download here

Intercultural activities
30 - One World Week download here
31 - A cultural garden for the Jinnah Day Care Centre download here
32 - Intercultural Learning and the Environment download here
BEN Constitution
Memorandum and Articles of Association download here


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